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Reference - Vebego Int. bv with Recommendation


Vebego Int. bv with Recommendation

Vebego International bv. is a family company that operates internationally in the areas of facility services and healthcare. More than a hundred companies form part of Vebego. With over 35,000 employees, Vebego is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Its total managed turnover is € 1,103 million in 2015.

Screening 2 newly merged operating companies (Kien en Yask Facility Management) of Vebego International bv. A Scan concerning: The completeness of revenue recognition, accuracy of costs and the initiating of optimizations in the MCS of Yask Facility Management; AO-IC, Project control and Cost price.

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Directeur Business Control Vebego - Divisie NL-2 en Divisie Duitsland Thijs van Hegelsom (Thijs van was a client of Paul’s)

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